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Welcome to Enhancing Workforce Leadership!
We're a project dedicated to building leadership capacity in the community of people working on jobs, skills, talent, and community prosperity. We're using this space to document the progress of our project and curate a collection of products and materials relevant to workforce leaders but reflective of larger trends across disciplines.

Specifically, we're pulling in content about:

  • Leadership itself - what we know about it across sectors and geographies;
  • Leaders - workforce leaders as well as those from other disciplines with insight from which workforce leaders might benefit;
  • Issues and trends today's leaders face;
  • Resources and methods leaders are using to build their own capacity, as well as that of their organizations and communities;
  • Joy - because all people, leaders included, need inspiration to continue to be at their best.

    Over time, we hope to engage workforce and other leaders in conversation that helps all of us grow.

    Join the amazing people who've contributed to the project so far (see googlemap above) by dropping us a line and sharing your ideas.

    Kristin Wolff (kwolff@thinkers-and-doers.com, @kristinwolff, and @WFLeadership) & Team: Vinz Koller (vinz_koller@spra.com), Alison Gash, Ricki Kozumplik, Trace Elms, Sam McCoy, Annie Nyborg, Miloney Thakrar, and Michelle Saar.

    Follow us on @WFLeadership.

    About the Enhancing Workforce Leadership Initiative
    Preparing workers to succeed in today's economy demands extraordinary leadership from the public workforce system. Workforce leaders must collaborate with and leverage the talents and resources of diverse partners to support the development of a highly-skilled workforce in their communities, promote job creation and entrepreneurship, and help a wide range of workers, from low-skilled to highly educated, obtain employment. Additionally, workforce leaders must be positioned to manage complex policy issues and make difficult choices about where to invest resources. Understanding the qualities, skills, and behaviors of effective, strategic workforce leaders, the nature of their work, and the kinds of tools and resources they employ will help the workforce system make smarter investment in building the capacity of new workforce leaders to meet the varied needs of their customers - job-seekers and employers - and help their communities thrive.

    The objectives of this technical assistance initiative are to:

    • Understand what “leadership” means in the workforce system – from what issues leaders work on and with whom to how they advance them;
    • Identify the qualities, skills, and behaviors that help effective workforce leaders succeed;
    • Identify opportunities for and current examples of the application of strategic workforce leadership at the state and local workforce levels;
    • Identify examples of local leaders using the public workforce system effectively to meet their community's needs and achieve their strategic goals; and
    • Inform the development of tools, resources, and development opportunities intended to build next-generation leadership capacity within the workforce system and beyond.

      Enhancing Workforce Leadership was incubated as a Technical Assistance Project of the The Office of Workforce Investment (202-693-3980), Employment Training Administration, US Department of Labor operated under contract by Social Policy Research Associates (Oakland, CA). For more information, see the Department's project site.