Five More Ideas/Innovations We'd Love to See in Workforce Development

Mar 1, 2012
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Published:  Thursday, March 1, 2012
Issue number:  17

This is the second collection of five ideas intended to inspire workforce professionals applying for the Workforce Innovation Fund.

The first collection is here. It covers:

1. Code for America for Workforce Development

2. Re-Making Internships

3. Leveraging "Gigs"

4. Peer Learning Platforms & Badges

5. 311 for Workforce Development

We know that some see the Fund as a terrific opportuntiy to explore what workforce
development could be—to address real unmet needs in their communities in
creative ways. Others see the Fund as a source of support for existing
programs suffering from budget cuts. We hope there's a lot more of the
former in the applicant pool. Toward that end, we're sharing ideas we
like, most of which are documented in The Weadership Guide.