311 for Workforce Development (Idea #5*)

Feb 24, 2012


"Hey [insert your city here]! I have a question!"

311. It's the phone number many cities and municipalities use to manage citizen inquiries. And it's so much more.

Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Sacramento, and New York are all using 311 to respond more effectively and efficiently to resident inquiries and to make their cities smarter.

It's that "making cities smarter" bit that we are particularly interested in. Look what New York City learned in its implementation (this can't-stop-reading WIRED piece is like a tutorial on 311, pay particular attention to "As Useful As...").

What would 311 for workforce looks like? In cities that already have 311, is workforce connected to it?

So what if...

* This is part of a series of entirely subjective posts intended to inspire greatness among applicants to the Workforce Innovation Fund. The opinions and perspectives expressed here are not those of Social Policy Research, the US Department of Labor (USDOL) or anyone other than the author. Please steal the ideas you find most promising.