A Code For America Program for Workforce Development? (Idea #1*)

Feb 22, 2012

Code for America

Hackers for Workforce Development?
If you've been here before, you know how much we love Code For America. We featured the organization in our WEadership Guide, blogged about it, and even had the fortunate opportunity to interview founder Jennifer Pahlka. For us, Code for America is not just a wildly inventive non-profit organization, it is an example of a new way of meeting community needs, in partnership with government. Code for America connects technologists with cities to solve problems and builds networks that aim to reinvent government for our modern age.

So what would a Code for America Workforce initiative look like? What could we do if we recruited top-notch Code for America fellows (young people who spend time partnering on technology-based solutions to critical problems) and sicked them on workforce issues? Labor exchange, career navigation, under-employment, career advancement, internships...what if?

It turns out this is not so far-fetched. Code For America fellows worked with the Department of Labor, Veterans services, and the White House on the Joining Forces initiative to help returning veterans transition to new jobs and careers after their service.  

So what else could we do here?

Help us find out. Create a Code for America program for workforce development.

* This is part of a series of entirely subjective posts intended to inspire greatness among applicants to the Workforce Innovation Fund. The opinions and perspectives expressed here are not those of Social Policy Research, the US Department of Labor (USDOL) or anyone other than the author. Please steal the ideas you find most promising.