Exhibit #3: Nametags and Roles

May 1, 2011

Image of participant in simulation

Identities, Everyone Needs One
This is Diane. She's a workforce professional most days, but today, she's a small business owner - a jewelry manufacturer to be specific.

When you run a simulation like this one, be sure to think about the kinds of people who would not necessarily be at the top of the list of invitees to your simulated event, but could add significant value. For examploe, in our simulations, we typically include the roles: musician, poet, artist, and of course, data visualization specialist.

Here is the list or roles/identities we used for the industry simulations. You can use it as is, or as the basis for creating your very own. The numbers simply the group number. We had some idea of the number of attendees before we arrived, but we wanted to make sure we distributed roles appropriately - and that groups were approximately equal in size. As a result, we distributed the half of the first three sets first, and then turned to the fourth, fifth, and sixth, while filling in the remaing roles from the first, second, and third sets as more people entered the room.

Tip: Think about which roles needs to be in each group to enable a great learning experience, and distribute those role/nametags first.

Other resources you will need to complete the simulation include:

They are all available for use/download. We hope you find them useful (and use the comment section below to let us know!)