Highlights From Our Collection of Workforce Leader Interviews. Post #2

Jul 18, 2011
by: Sam McCoy

It's all in the network.

“Collaborative partnerships - I don’t think we can say enough about them,” 
Kathy Sweeney, Strategic Project Manager for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

Relationship building across multiple agencies is vital to workforce leadership activity.  Connecting networks of regional, state and federal agencies, leaders from workforce centers, community colleges and non-profits has always been inportant, but as unemployment and workforce issues become more complex with global competition and rapidly evolving technologies, workforce leaders are having to learn new forms of networking. Technologies such as social media and LinkedIn are becoming a critical component of workforce development and leaders are having to adapt to these changes quickly.  

Effective leaders must also learn to effectively leverage these partnerships.  In our interview with Carol Rayburn-Cofer, WIA Director for the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission, she described building these networks through 2 hour Mega Meetings, where regional leaders from community based organizations, workforce and public institutions come together to share information and collectively problem solve. Carol describes the importance of these partnerships and diverse networks because it allows “getting an awareness of what partners are going through and finding ways to alleviate those issues”

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