Highlights From Our Collection of Workforce Leader Interviews. Post #3

Jul 20, 2011
by: Sam McCoy

Thinking Outside the Box

"Often there is no clear path forward, we have to have room to try different approaches, and learn from our mistakes." 
Mike KnutsonMaroney Rural Learning Center

The complexity of today’s workforce issues demand that leaders utilize every network, strategy and technology to address them.  To keep pace with the speed with which the workplace is changing, leaders must find ways to encourage new ways of thinking outside the box which is often much easier said than done. Traditional workplace hierarchies and the overwhelming fear of failure have the potential to stifle new innovation and ideas from less senior and younger staff. New technology and social media is radically shifting, not only how we view our roles as leaders and thinkers, but enabling new strategies for collective problem solving, networking, educating and organizing. 

Technology is the key to rural prosperity - and I'm a former anti-social-network guy."

Mike Knutson runs the Reimagine Rural blog and is a master of sharing high-value information on Twitter in an effort to connect with other changemakers working in rural areas. 

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