How Did We Get to WEadership? Books and Resources on Leadership

Aug 3, 2011

Photo of Bibliography

So Many Books...
Amazon lists nearly 70,000 books about leadership—1,280 of them published in the past 90 days.

To inform the Enhancing Workforce Leadership project, we focused on three categories: 1) the classics: The Leadership Challenge, The Sage Handbook of Leadership and others written by scholars and experts who have made careers out of studying leadership; 2) the edges: The Power of Pull, Open Leadership and others that emphasized how new technologies or other modern social and economic trends are changing the meaning and practice of leadership; and 3) the contextual: The Why of Work, The Power of Social Innovation, Macrowikinomics and others that focus on the fields of workforce development, human resources, community innnovation, or describe the context in which these and related fields are evolving.

We also included a number of papers and blogs posts penned by practioners, agencies, or nonprofit and membership organizations in workforce development or related fields.

Our nearly complete bibilography is here (also linked to image above)—"nearly" because we find new things everyday.

We hope you find it useful and can be good-humored about the formatting challenges we experienced in converting it to a PDF.

Finally, if this is more than you were looking for, we've curated a list of our favorite leadership books in a related post here.