It's a Global Village

Feb 25, 2011

President Hu Visits Chicago

Global Ties.

Last month President Hu visited the City of Chicago (the only city outside of Washington, DC he visited), meeting with business leaders, government officials, and elementary school students – students who not only speak Chinese but understand that China is a major trading partner.

The world is getting smaller. Peers and collaborators can be located anywhere. Workforce leaders we spoke with were keenly aware of, even embracing, our new global, technology-rich, and hyper-connected world.

Learning From The Village.

Today, workforce leaders can learn from neighboring jurisdictions and peer communities anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world – and more and more are doing exactly that. They understand that their communities are no longer competing with neighbors, but with regions like them everywhere. As a result:

  • Communities (and states) or organizing immersive study visits with peer communities (in and outside of the U.S.) to learn new approaches to shared challenges;
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)-based analysts and innovation experts from Asia and the Pacific Rim are becoming more regular participants in workforce association meetings and events; and
  • Workforce leaders are exploring web-conferencing, social media, and other distnace technologies to make sharing across the miles easier.


"Technology and innovation are key. We need to keep in mind that we are part of a global economy. The world is bigger than the commuity we live or work in." – Stephen, Interagency Workgroup Director