Workforce Leadership Contributors Map

Apr 26, 2011

Since February 2011, over 200 individuals have contributed to the Enhancing Workforce Leadership Initiative.  In order to provide a sense of who has contributed, we created a map reflecting the individuals, organizations, and agencies involved in the initiative.

The pins on the map represent the various contributors: the red pins represent public contributors; the green pins represent state-level contributors; the magenta pins represent post-secondary education contributors; the purple pins represent contributing association and organizations; and the aqua pins represent anonymous contributors (via large groups and post cards).

This map will be updated as the initiative engages additional contributors, so please be sure to check it periodically. 

For more information about the project, see enhancingworkforceleadership.org, follow us at @WFLeadership, or contact Kristin Wolff [kwolff@thinkers-and-doers.com].