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Service Design, Co-Design, Better Design (Idea #5*)

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Design is a discipline from workforce professionals could hugely benefit, if only the word "design" didn't make us so uneasy. Among American public policy and program stakeholders, "design" is often perceived as having to do with aesthetics alone—as not central to the serious business of work, learning and economic opportunity.

Targeted Neighborhood Strategy (Idea #3*)

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The Annie Casey Foundation's Annual Kids Count Data book for 2011 is out.

And in what should be no surprise for anyone and a giant disappointment for everyone, childhood poverty is up, again.

"[O]ver the last decade there has been a significant decline in economic
well-being for low income children and families. Data also reveals the
impact of the job and foreclosure crisis on children. In 2010, 11
percent of children had at least one unemployed parent and 4 percent
have been affected by foreclosure since 2007."

Go ahead and see for yourself—here's the book.

What to do?

Collaborative Consumption (or sharing stuff so we don't all need to own it—Idea #1*)

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Collaborative consumption.

Rachel Botsman coined the phrase, but the movement away from individual ownership to sharing is big—and it's global. If you are not familiar with the idea of collaborative consumption, here are three ways to catch up fast:

Digital & Media Literacy: A New Kind of "Sector" Strategy? (Idea #2*)

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Photo from Howard's TED Talk in 2008

Digital literacy. We used to think this meant something akin to "the ability to use a computer to access basic information." But as the web has become increasingly central to our personal, professional, and economic lives, understanding how to interact with it requires more than just knowing the mechanics of search and the ability to use basic applications.

311 for Workforce Development (Idea #5*)

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"Hey [insert your city here]! I have a question!"

311. It's the phone number many cities and municipalities use to manage citizen inquiries. And it's so much more.

P2PU, Skillshare, Badges—Let's See What We Can Make of This! (Idea #4*)

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Skillshare's motto is "Learn anything from anyone anywhere." P2PU offers a School of Webcraft in which you can learn Java, PHP, and HTML (in Spanish). There are more (and better) self-directed learning platforms and opportunities everyday. They are low-cost (many are free) and increasingly social—providing access to peer support and feedback not unlike what you might expect in a more traditional classroom.

Only you can learn at your own pace, on your own time, and there's no pesky parking to deal with.

Leverage the "Gig" (Idea #3*)

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In my state (Oregon), there are six people looking for every one job—this despite a rosier than expected jobs picture in January.

Meet the Intern—and Re-make the Internship (Idea #2*)

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The Adult Intern.

When people shift careers, whether by choice or necessity, they often want a test-drive. This has been true for decades. Yet, we retain the notion that internships are for the young. This idea is outdated.

It's 2012.

People change jobs and entire careers more often and we need better on-ramps.

(Would you enroll in a training program to prepare you for a new industry if you'd never worked in that industry before?)

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