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The List of Need-to-Knows for Workforce Leaders is Growing

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How Many M&Ms?

We have no idea, but whatever the number, it is certainly smaller than the number of skills, characteristics, attributes, and competencies cited by workforce leaders with whom we spoke as critical to their effectiveness as leaders.

The skills and competencies identified generally clustered into four categories:

Workforce Leadership Demands Lifelong Learning About Learning and Work

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Are These People Working?

In short, yes. They are bloggers attending a professional conference. But increasing numbers of jobs can be done in this way – at a distance, absent an office, independent of colleagues or a water cooler. Is this the future of work for which workforce leaders should be preparing communities? 

Effective Workforce Leaders Can Play Many Positions

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Football shots.

Differences as a Source of Strength..


Workforce Development = Pick-Up Basketball*?

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Agile Works Teams. 

I love wiki - wiki culture, wiki people, even the word 'wiki' (quick in Hawaiian). There's a saying in the wiki world (also common to other open-space-style communities) that goes, "whoever is here is the right people."

What We've Learned About Workforce Leadership

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Workforce Leadership Cards

We (Vinz Koller, Alison Gash, Chandra Larsen, and I) had a great time sharing what we've learned to date through our Workforce Leadership Project with attendees at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Annual Forum, Feburary 6, 2011.

We convened a conversation about our 12 project "highlights", which include:

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