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How to Change When Change is Hard

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Tue, 2011-05-03 00:00 with 0 comments

Workforce leaders identified the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, as a valuable leadership development resource.  The book examines why we tend to resist change and how change occurs when one individual decides to act differently. 

Workforce Leadership Contributors Map

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Tue, 2011-04-26 13:01 with 0 comments

Since February 2011, over 200 individuals have contributed to the Enhancing Workforce Leadership Initiative.  In order to provide a sense of who has contributed, we created a map reflecting the individuals, organizations, and agencies involved in the initiative.

National League of Cities: Helping City Leaders Build Better Communities

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Sat, 2011-04-23 13:01 with 0 comments

The National League of Cities (NLC) promotes exceptional leadership and professional and personal advancement.  It builds city leaders' skills and capacity by providing leadership development resources, neworking opportunities, education and training, and conference opportunities


Linked-in With Workforce Leaders

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Sat, 2011-04-23 13:01 with 0 comments

Workforce leaders identified the PROS in Workforce and Economic Develompent Group on Linkedin as a valuable resource for leadership development. The group, currently with 847 members, invites all workforce and economic development professionals to join for peer-to-peer networking.  The group focuses on professional development and information exchange.



Corporation for a Skilled Workforce: Innovative Customized Solutions for Leaders

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Sun, 2011-03-27 11:40 with 0 comments

The Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW) partners with leaders in government, business and education to help them navigate the new economy and develop job opportunities for those who need it. CSW provides a wide range of services including strategic planning, developing leadership capacity, and building and facilitating networks. CSW builds leadership capacity through leadership academies, executive coaching, and learning networks. The organization has also experimented with Workforce Bootcamps, two-day introductions to strategic workforce development for new and emerging workforce leaders and board members.



Center for American Progress: Fostering Dialogue Among Leaders

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Sun, 2011-03-27 09:50 with 0 comments

The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a think tank offering policy proposals, talking points, news, and events aimed at improving lives through progressive action.  CAP frequently holds events that bring leaders together to discuss pressing national issues and to develop strategies and policy stances addressing them. 

Hans Rosling: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Post by: Annie Nyborg on Sat, 2011-03-26 13:01 with 0 comments

Like other great leaders, Hans Rosling is able to creatively communicate a complex idea concisely and with impact.  This is one of our top five favorite examples not of experts teaching leadership skills, but of insightful people who have something important to say about leaderhip.

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